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collaborations with charities and NGOs in Ethiopia


Photographer Joey Lawrence has collaborated directly with charities and NGOs in Ethiopia to summon meaningful change for over a decade. Joey only supports organizations he has worked with himself on the ground and can personally verify the long term empowerment of locals.

Joey’s NFT drop will directly benefit two charities working on the ground in Ethiopia who help communities access clean water and overcome infrastructural issues.

Due to the ongoing crisis in Ethiopia, Joey will donate 100% of his artist earnings of two images from the ETHIOPIA collection. This includes primary sales, but also the full artist % from secondary sales, forever into the future. This means when the NFT is sold, the charity takes all of the earnings reserved for the artist. It also means that if the NFT is resold into the future by a buyer, the charity will continue to receive royalties.

In addition to the two images going 100% to charity, Joey will donate 2.5% of the primary sale of the entire collection of 75 images.


For WaterAid, Joey worked in Sierra Leone on long-term cultural study of a small community overcoming water related issues. WaterAid’s #Untapped campaign featuring Joey’ images raised a staggering £4.2 million that was matched by the UK Government to take the total above £8 million. The arrival of clean water rewrote the communities future, and the funding spread to other WaterAid projects worldwide.

Joey’s collaboration with WaterAid continues into Ethiopia, with new projects highlighting communities in the Amhara region, and fundraising campaigns for the installation of solar-powered pumps and clean water wells.


Joey has photographed several post-intervention charity:water sites in the Tigray region, and his images have been crucial in key fundraising campaigns worldwide.

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